Cheetah-Cub: A Robot That Runs Like a Cat

Developed by EPFL’s Biorobotics Laboratory (Biorob) this little robot is built to be able to run very quickly, nearly seven times its body length in one second even over small steps. Robots developed from this concept could eventually be used in search and rescue missions or for exploration.
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Law Enforcement, First Responder, Border Patrol ground robot market

WinterGreen Research announces a new study that is looking at robots used by Law Enforcement, First Responder, Border Patrol. As the US military pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan, they have many robots built to help soldiers. The question is how can these robots be used now, and were they effeicntive. Many Law Enforcement, First Responder, Border Patrol are starting to look into using robots to help with their actions, and to help keep their units safe in dangerous situations.
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DARPA’s Virtual Robotics Challenge: OSRF Gets Simulator Ready

DARPA have created two qualifying events in which teams from around the world have been submitting entries to the VRC, in order to earn a place in the VRC itself. There are 26 teams in Track B (funded) as well as Track C (unfunded). The next step is for these teams is to complete in the VRC, which will be three increasing difficult simulation environments that the robot complete different tasks. The video on the sight lets you see the qualifying events, and the possible VRC events.
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