The mission of the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) is to foster unmanned systems being effectively used by formal emergency management agencies through voluntary national and international activities that deploy, promote, train, document, analyze, and disseminate scientific knowledge.   CRASAR is a nonprofit corporation organized for exclusively charitable, scientific, and education purposes.

The activities in which we expect to engage in to meet this charitable mission include, but are not limited to,

  • deploying, upon request of incident command staff, regional volunteer teams who are vetted and trained on the unique attributes of unmanned systems for disasters, even if the requesting agency cannot guarantee reimbursement and having the unmanned systems in use within 12 hours of the event;
  • providing “just in time” training and consultation for emergency professionals to enable them to effectively use the resources they have available; 
  • conducting field studies and translative research and development in unmanned systems for the prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery from critical incidents; 
  • collecting, archiving, curating, analyzing, and sharing data about the use of unmanned systems and related technologies; and
  • training emergency management, and related, professionals in advance, either online or in person, on unmanned systems and the latest best practices.