June 22: Robo Virtual Summit on Mobile Robots for Emergency Response

The Robo Virtual Summit this summer was to be on navigation and autonomy but now has shifted to Mobile Robots for Emergency Response, with people such as Bob Quinn talking about the QinetiQ robots and Tim Trainer about the iRobot bots at Fukushima- these are guys with their boots on the ground. Other good talks as well. I will be giving one of the talks (actually it was taped last week) in the afternoon and be available for questions. Check it out!

Japanese Colleagues Get JST Grant and CRASAR plans its return

Prof. Fumitoshi Matsuno, the vice-president of the International Rescue Systems Institute (IRS), and the organizer of the IRS-CRASAR deployment with the ROVs north of Sendai had just received a grant from the Japanese Science and Technology agency according the Japan Times. The IRS team certainly deserves funding for their continued efforts. This grant matches our NSF RAPID.  We have received the second phase funds of our RAPID and expect to return to work with Prof. Matsuno and Prof. Kimura again in September or October. Thank you NSF!

Presentation at the Preliminary Report on the Disaster and Robotics in Japan: Special Forum at ICRA 2011

forum position.pptx is the presentation I gave on May 11, 2011– I’ve had requests for it, so here it is. It’s a .pdf file so it may open in another window or ask to be downloaded depending on your browser. I was asked to discuss all US robots used to date at the disaster, not just the IRS-CRASAR Roboticists Without Borders deployment,  and thanks iRobot, QinetiQ, and Honeywell for their help. Any errors are totally mine.