Create a Survivor Buddy

sb Survivor Buddy is a web-enabled victim management and telemedicine robot. It is a 4 degree of freedom robot designed in cooperation with Doug Dooley (Pixar) as part of a collaboration between CRASAR and the Computers as Social Actors Laboratory at Stanford through funding by the National Science Foundation (IIS-0905485). Survivor Buddy is the star of an episode PBS Emmy-award winning SciGirls series.

Survivor Buddy supports research into how robots can provide comforting social engagement between medical responders and trapped survivors, who on average take 4 to 10 hours to extract after being found.  Survivor Buddy provides two-way audio, video, and web-access to victims. Research with Survivor Buddy and over 200 hundred participants and members of Texas Task Force 1 showed it is more comforting and a useful telemedicine tool.

Participants will use

  • robosketch developed by Zack Henkel to program Survivor Buddy to play music, talk to victims, and move enthusiastically.
  • Create a face for Survivor Buddy

Jesus Suarez and Rebecca Schofield are the current Zookeepers. Her previous keepers have been Aaron Rice, Jessica Gonzales, Vasant Srinivasan, and Zack Henkel.