Bujold’s Rock Climbing Wall

bujold Bujold is an Inuktun microVGTV and was one of the two most heavily used robots (the other was the Inuktun MicroTracks) at the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster- which was the first disaster where robots were used.She is named after Lois McMaster Bujold, author of the Vorkosigan sci-fi series.

Bujold loves repelling down tunnels and voids that are less than 2 feet in diameter and she uses a 100ft or 300ft “tail” or tether. Most robots used for building collapses are tethered to i) reduce the size and weight of the robot by eliminating the batteries, ii) ensure perfect communication through the rubble, and iii) to serve as belay line. She was originally used for research in tactical mobile robots for DARPA.

Bujold is polymorphic– she raises and lowers her body and camera in order to look around much like a meerkat and also to turn and twist into get tight spaces like a ferret or a lemming. Bujold’s small size and heavy duty tracks make her the most popular robot for crawling into pancake collapses. She and her sisters have been used to squeeze into structures at Hurricane Charley, a mudslide, mine collapse, and two parking garage collapses in Florida and New Jersey.

Bujold is a bit slow and has exposed wires—she’s an old lady of a robot and we think of her as Master Splinter from the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Assistant Zookeepers will give Bujold some exercise

  • Driving her down the rock climbing wall and into tunnel