NJ-TF1 and New Jersey UASI teams used robots at Hackensack collapse!

On July 16, 2010, a parking garage at a condo building collapsed, with at least one person thought to be trapped. New Jersey Task Force 1 and another New Jersey UASI team responded with robots! NJ-TF1 (the only US&R team in the US that I’m aware of that owns rescue robots ) used their Inuktun Extreme to search the rubble- and there were no victims. NJ-TF1 became early adopters after the World Trade Center. Jim Bastan- and all of NJ-TF1- has been a great advocate for rescue robots. They’ve hosted two CRASAR events, one in 2005 that gave some of the ground robots in our cache their first taste of snow.

It’s great to hear that robots are being adopted and used!

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